Understand how environmental reporting will affect your IFRS report

Normally, when you hear about environmental reporting, the company is asked to report how it affects the environment. But what if it is the environment that affects the company and the company’s economy?

What if the climate agreement from COP21 in Paris 2015, and its requirement for that the temperature on earth maximally may increase by 2°celsius, has an impact on the company values, risks, opportunities and corporate strategy in general – what information will the investors then need to know, so that they can assess the potential for the individual stock? And what information need has insurance companies and lenders to evaluate their customers’ actual risk profiles?

Do you want to know how the new demands from the Bloomberg-led TCFD and the IFRS are connected and how you can fulfil these additional information needs? Then read Center for ESG Reserch’s latest article in the Danish auditor magazine Revision & Regnskabsvæsen no 9: TCFD = IFRS + Klimarisici (page 14).

A translated English version is here

The original in Danish is here