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TCFD Knowledge Hub appreciates the Integrated Ratio Guideline

The TCFD Knowledge Hub has been launched - and can be found here. The Hub works as a database of useful and inspiring guidelines, examples, and legislations from around the world, whereby companies can find the resources they need to understand and implement the TCFD recommendations. The Hub is divided in 4 sections: Governance, Strategy, [...]

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04.01.2018 Berlingske: Article on ESG for pension funds – three different stages

In this article in the Danish national paper Berlingske Business, Center for ESG Research shows the 3 stages of ESG activities that pension funds can go through - where the Danish pension funds in general only have reached the first stage of negative screening, which has a lot of drawbacks. But what could they do [...]

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Center for ESG Research launches Integrated Ratio Guideline

How do you measure CO2 or Employee Turnover Ratio? Which integrated metrics can Number of Full Time Employees be part of? Can you combine share price with pollution? How do you report on compensation in a useful way? - and how should that be used for by the investors? Are there ways to report non-financial [...]

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Revision & Regnskabsvæsen, 9, 2017: TCFD = IFRS + Klimarisici

Understand how environmental reporting will affect your IFRS report Normally, when you hear about environmental reporting, the company is asked to report how it affects the environment. But what if it is the environment that affects the company and the company's economy? What if the climate agreement from COP21 in Paris 2015, and its requirement [...]

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CDSB webinar: How to prepare for the TCFD recommendations

Center for ESG Research's Lead Researcher Jane Thostrup Jagd participated 13th July 2017 in an international webinar, with an audience from all over the world. The webinar was following the release of the final report of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures recommendations, where companies could explore how they might implement the recommendations effectively. [...]

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