Purpose of the Center for ESG Research

Center for ESG Research’s objective is to;

  • Be an independent think tank that conducts and disseminates research in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance data) and the financial markets
  • Develop and disseminate investor and business solutions to increase the value created by ESG
  • Be the centre of excellence – the place where investors, companies, authorities, researchers and individuals can get instructions on how they should / can develop, treat and relate to ESG.

To fulfil its mission Center for ESG Research:

  • Establishes and / or participates in research that may provide insights into relationships based on financial, non-financial and integrated data
  • Organises events that focus on the Center for ESG Research’s mission
  • Provides access to Center for ESG Research’s conclusions, solutions and recommendations to support members and other interested, under further defined conditions

Center for ESG research has also the option to enter into research partnerships with academic professionals, other organisations / think tanks, as well as individual projects that fall within the Center for ESG Research’s purpose. The partnerships aim may also be to bring together relevant actors in order to jointly develop common strategies, tools or initiate activities that support the Center for ESG Research’s purpose.

Organisation of the think tank

Center for ESG Research is a non-profit organisation.

It is possible to become a support member of the Center for ESG research. See more about support members here.

It is also possible to become a sponsor/partner or to support specific projects that the Center for ESG Research has or participates in. See more about sponsorship/partnerships here.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the Center for ESG Research’s supreme body and, together with the CEO, is the Center for ESG Research’s overall management.

The members of the Board of Directors can be seen here